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Article: 6 Tips to Decorate for Small Spaces

Decorating for Small Spaces | The Artisen

6 Tips to Decorate for Small Spaces

Whether you live in San Francisco, London or Manhattan, big city life often means making do with a small apartment. Decorating in these small spaces has different priorities than the decoration you would use for a larger house. Through this blog, we hope to bring to you some of the best decorating ideas for small spaces that will enhance the look of your apartment while avoiding a cluttered look. So, here are a few ideas to start with:

Use Lots of MirrorsUse large mirrors to make your room look bigger

Mirrors will make your apartment look more spacious. You can place a large mirror behind an important piece of furniture, such as a couch, to enhance the feeling of space. Mirrors can also be used to reflect light from a window to brighten up a dim space or just to make sure that there’s always enough natural light in your room.

By using them in tandem with some wall décor, mirrors make wonderful wall decoration pieces as well. Use tall, long mirrors with sculpted antique wooden borders to enhance thei aesthetic effect.

    Use Curtains to add HeightUse neutral colored, lightweight full length curtains to add height to your room

      When your space has small dimensions, you need to make it look taller than it is. Use lengthy, light-colored curtains that are also lightweight and with vertical stripes. These properties add height to your space. Dark colors, horizontal lines or heavy floral patterns would tend to dominate the room and thus make it seem more crowded.

        Use Light, Neutral and Pastel Colors Use light and neutral colors in your small apartment

          Light colors work perfectly in small spaces because they reflect light back into the room thus fooling your eyes into thinking that the space is larger than its actual size. Dark colors, however, have the opposite effect as they capture light, making the space seem smaller and darker. Lighter colors also appear soothing to the eyes and will prevent your room from being claustrophobic.

            Use Accent Cushions for DecorationUse light colored accent cushions in your apartment

              Accent cushions are adorable and don’t take up a lot of space and – use them to decorate the seating area in your living or common room. As discussed above, try to use lighter colors for your cushion covers to give the room a feeling of openness. Accent cushions can also make a great pillow replacement for when you have more people over than pillows!

                Use Floor RugsUse floor rugs to draw the eyes and create functional areas without a physical barrier

                  Use rugs that have interesting and attractive designs that draw attention and place them in the center of the room to draw attention away from the walls. This creates a definite center of attention that captures the eyes and will make the room look bigger and alluring. The rugs can also be used to separate functional areas without using an actual physical boundary.

                    Display your Crockery

                    Store your cutlery and cats out in the open to save space and add one more element of decor

                      Let your crockery be out in the open on a beautiful shelf - this saves storage space while adding a décor element with your gorgeous cutlery.

                      If you have any more suggestions, please let us know! Stay tuned for more updates.

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