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Article: What is Modern Boho Decor & How Do I Use it in My Living Room?

What is Modern Boho Decor & How Do I Use it in My Living Room?

What is Modern Boho Decor & How Do I Use it in My Living Room?

Minimalist, clean-cut home design has been widely used in the last decade but it is slowly becoming a remnant of the past as Modern Boho Decor is replacing the clean and sophisticated style with a more relaxed and eclectic type of interior design. Different textures, patterns, and color palettes have replaced the austerity of minimalistic home decor. 

Modern Boho Decor Has No Rules

Probably the best aspect of modern boho decor, which also makes it widely applicable, is that there are no strict rules. Instead, there are some useful guidelines for creating a welcoming, exotic atmosphere. You can mix tons of vibrant colors or patterns or choose a more subtle color scheme for a more chic look. Another perk of choosing modern boho interior design for your home is that it allows you to truly express your individuality and achieve creative freedom instead of following strict, clean lines in the process of creating the perfect ambiance. 

The Basics of Modern Boho Decor

What symbolizes modern boho decor is the eclectic approach when picking out everything from pieces of furniture to smaller necessities such as blankets, pillows, and rugs.

It would be difficult to provide a precise definition of boho decor, since it takes a variety of shapes and forms and lacks specific rules. But we can roughly say what boho isn’t. In order to achieve a modern boho bedroom, for example, you don’t need to follow clean lines, aligning everything into perfection but instead go for a more lived-in vibe. Although you can apply a softer, more neutral color palette and still have a boho interior design, a lack of any color-pop and a sterile-looking white room are definitely not boho.

Going from the Floor Up - Modern Boho Rugs

Overall, homes with boho interior design tend to have their floor adorned with medium-sized rugs and mats, that come in a variety of textures, shapes as well as colors. Modern boho rugs will create a globally-inspired welcoming atmosphere, you can use for floor-seating as well. Sanaz Floor Rug, for example, has both vibrant colors and a fun geometric pattern that will certainly accent any room in your home. On the other hand, if your preferred style is more corresponding to Scandinavian boho, a more neutral color scheme would be fitting, such as the Neutral Indigo Accent Rug. You can also consider layering multiple rugs for some more texture.

 Using Rugs for your Modern Boho Decor

Image Source

Macrame Wall Decor is a must-have for your Modern Boho Home

Boho Wall Decor

The Artisen's Range of Boho Wall Decor

Boho accent walls are a great way to personalize your home with colorful framed artwork, vintage mirrors, macrame wall hangings, or even baskets and hanging plants.

Woven and macrame wall hangings are signature pieces of modern boho interior design and strong style elements for a charming vintage appeal. Even though they usually come in neutral colors, mostly beige, you can find them in a variety of colors for an instant pop. Modern boho wall decor such as flowing wall hangings as this one will immediately adorn the empty space on the living room walls and give the whole room some dimension.

Using Boho Wall Decor for your home

Image Source

See how much effect was added to this modern boho living room by putting more focus on the wall decor and how that has totally transformed the living room itself.

Plants for a Pop of Green

Use Plants for Boho Home

When it comes to plants, the general rule for a modern boho living room is the more the merrier! It is also of big importance to include natural plants that will bring brightness to your room, contrast your neutral walls, and a generally welcoming and lived-in ambiance. Everything from tiny cacti to something larger like the Dragon Tree is welcomed for a jungle boho vibe. To truly create a modern boho living room you should get your hands on a classic macrame plant hanger for a prompt fresh look.

Use Plants to Update Your Home

Image Source 

There are multiple ways to add plants to your modern boho living room so you can even be creative with the placement. You can firstly decide between smaller or bigger plans according to the free space you have. Get creative with pots too, as you can choose between different patterns and materials. You can have plants hanging in macrame pot holders or simply choosing long vines that will go along with your favorite shelves.

Let’s talk about furniture

What dominates in modern boho living rooms is wooden furniture. From light, bleached wood all the way to darker walnut or mahogany, any piece fits perfectly into the natural, globally-inspired vibe. Boho furniture is rarely acquired in a store, but rather in thrift stores you can find beautiful vintage, unique pieces. Do not restrain from having a ton of furniture in your living room if you are going for a boho look. Rattan tables, chairs, and lamps are absolute staple pieces. Lived-in is the general vibe of boho, so make sure to lay vibrant accent pieces such as pillows and throws everywhere! A modern boho bedroom may include a rattan bed frame, lots of textured pillows, and a blanket or throw.

Cushions and Throw Blankets for Modern Boho Decor

 Use Cushions & Throw Blankets to Add Character to Your Living Room

The Artisen's Range of Cushions & Boho Throw Blankets

No modern boho living room is complete without a perfect match of throw cushions and a boho throw blanket.

Switching up and playing around with boho throw pillows is certainly one of the easiest ways to transform your living area. Your sofa will get a totally new dimension when you pair it up with a different choice of pillows. It will bring out the color and texture of your furniture and it is a perfect way to express your creativity with some interesting designs and patterns.

Using cushions and throw blankets for your modern boho decor

Image Source 

In the picture above you can see how easily you can style a modern boho living room by complimenting a basic grey couch with throw pillows full of color and texture. It will switch up the overall atmosphere of the room in seconds without you having to spend a fortune on a new furniture piece.

Throw blankets, same as pillows, are your best tool when it comes to adding refreshment to your interior design. One cannot imagine a modern boho living room without a throw blanket adding the needed colors and textures to your furniture. The most important thing about the throw blankets is that you can present and place them in many different ways, every time creating a totally different atmosphere and overall vibe of your modern interior decor.

Addition of Color and Textures

While there are no rules for color combination when it comes to incorporating boho style in your interior design the most commonly used colors you will find used are warm earthy colors, metallics and jewel tones. Think deep browns, greens, and grays for base colors, and then accessorize with saturated purple, fiery orange, and electric blue. Being able to make different color combinations is what lays in the core of modern boho decor.

Having fun with colors will most certainly help you get out of the monotony of your living room.

The basics of modern boho interior design are in choosing the right colors and learning how to accent the already existent pieces of furniture. Don’t be afraid to add some new colors or designs that you haven’t incorporated into your living area before as by doing so you will easily get an effect of transformation with only simple additions.

Those colors can be added through items previously discussed such as throw pillows, blankets or wall art leading to the modern boho interior design you have always wished for.

Use Colors & Textures for your boho home

Image Source

Notice how the furniture or basic and neutral color can be refined by adding colorful items and decor pieces. So next time, when your interior feels dull or colorless, remember that you can easily transform it with some new statement pieces.



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