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Jungalow Shop Partnership

At Casa Amarosa, our mission has always been to infuse spaces with life and personality, and this collaboration allows us to take it a step further. By partnering with Jungalow, known for their fearless use of color and their commitment to sustainable living, we are bringing you an irresistible fusion of style and conscience.

From handcrafted textiles to captivating ceramics, every piece in the Casa Amarosa curation on the Jungalow shop tells a story of artistry, craftsmanship, and cultural richness.

This collaboration not only showcases our shared values of authenticity and sustainability but also supports local artisans around the globe. Each item in the curation on the Jungalow Shop is thoughtfully crafted by skilled hands, ensuring that the traditional techniques and expertise are honored and preserved.

Elevate your home and celebrate the spirit of bohemian living with Casa Amarosa x Jungalow.

Want to Collaborate with Casa Amarosa?

We offer brands with several ways to collaborate with us including design collabs, private label and customizations. By partnering with Casa Amarosa, brands can tap into our expertise in designing eye-catching textiles, ceramics, and home goods. Together, we can create exclusive collections that resonate with your target audience.Fill out contact form below.