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Article: 12 Home Decor Trends for 2021

12 Home Decor Trends for 2021

12 Home Decor Trends for 2021

Being quarantined for most of 2020 has had a massive impact on home decor trends in 2021. Being bound to our houses made us all realize that we have been too focused only on functionality, and less on how our homes make us feel. This is just one of the reasons why one of the ultimate rules for styling your home in 2021 is eclecticism - mixing unique styles that will genuinely portray your personality and tell stories on their own. Another significant comeback that is here to stay, is the golden rule “Less is a bore”, as a response to a decade of minimalism that has ruled in homes all over the globe. Now that you don’t necessarily need to think about your home looking decluttered completely, with only essential furniture, and a dominant neutral color palette, here are some home decor trends you can consider implementing in your home in the following months of 2021.

1. Sustainable, Repurposed Furniture in 2021

With more people realizing the large effect mass production is having on the environment, thrifting for furniture is becoming more and more popular every day. Sustainability is key and getting a completely unique piece for your home is a great plus. Nonetheless, the time where we only wanted essentials in our living space is passed. You can get a valuable item for your home at almost any thrift store, and if it doesn’t really sit you can get those DIY skills up to use, and repaint, repurpose and give new life to a retro piece. This also allows you to develop your distinctive style, personalize your space, and make sure it will never lack the feeling of coziness.

Sustainable, Repurposed Furniture in 2021

Image Source

Having in mind the nature-inspired overall theme, keep an eye on wicker and rattan pieces such as baskets, tables, chairs, sofas, lampshades, and pendants.

Wicker and Rattan furniture pieces
Wicker and Rattan Furniture

Vibrant-colored furniture is also trending as a great way to accent your room and give it dimension. With the revival of plaid fabrics at the very beginning of this year, add some extra snugness by investing in plaid throw cushions, pillowcases, or throws.

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2. The Comeback of Memphis furniture

If you wish for a more extravagant interior design, Neo Memphis is a design trending again after 30 years, that is only fit for the bold. Described as “colorful, kitschy, and exaggerated”, this style of furniture was invented as a response to a general lack of color and dull designs. You can raid your local thrift stores for such items making sure to look for oddly shaped sofas and chairs, vibrant colors, sometimes paired with basic black and white patterns such as stripes. Here is an example of what an 80s-inspired living space can look like:

Image Source


3. Cottage Core with a Touch of Chic

In 2021 it is all about achieving harmony with nature! Cottage core symbolizes a certain nostalgia for a simple, cozy, rural life. In decor, it includes lots of floral prints, lace materials, rustic furniture, natural flowers everywhere, all in order to attain an idyllic atmosphere. To include a bit of chic in your home decor you can think about including golden accent pieces, mirrors with gold frames, salvaged vintage finds, and more. This type of home decor is guaranteed to make you feel peaceful once you step through your door!

Cottage Chic

Image Source

4. Colored Floors and Ceilings

Add some depth of space by including a fifth wall when painting your home. A lot of people stray away from covering the ceiling any other color than a variation of white, but in 2021 we are going to see more and more colored ceilings. For a monochrome look, you can of course use the same color as your walls, but if you are willing to create a more romantic, intimate atmosphere we suggest considering dark hues.

colored walls and ceilings

Image Source

5. Decorative Wood Paneling

Another trend rising from the ashes, although wood paneling was popular in the 60s and 70s it has been mostly outdated since. In 2021 we are seeing more and more DIY wood panel wall decor aimed to give your walls more dimensions, as well as serve as a nice frame for a gallery wall. Installing some wall frame art will also make your home look a bit more chic and elegant.

Decorative wood panneling

Image Source

6. Painted arches 

Another way to create a snug nook that has been very popular on social media nowadays is painted arches. They make a great way to introduce a splash of color and they fit in perfectly instead of a bed frame, to accent a sofa, shelf, or any other piece of furniture. They are pretty easy to DIY as well with leftover paint and a pencil.

Painted Arches home decor trend

Image Source

7. Global Influence

Combining influence from all over the globe, especially Turkey, Spain, India, and Australia you will attain a completely unique experience in your home. Most often we see living spaces embellished with a ton of wooden furniture and art, rattan, earthy colors, but also a lot of variations of blue or red, depending on where you take your inspiration from. Animals and plants are also a huge part of this trend and help achieve that harmony with nature.

global influences home decor trends 2021

Image Source

8. Lots of plants!

We can’t emphasize this enough - you need real plants in every corner of your home! Not only will they brighten up your space, but they also have a great benefit on both your physical and mental state. So do your research on plants that don’t require much care and start creating your own oasis!

Plants used for home decor trends 2021

Image Source

9. Earthy Color Palette

If you haven’t done it already it is time to ditch plain neutrals, basic white walls without contrast. An earth-toned color scheme allows you to create a more welcoming vibe, with shades of green, yellow, blue, brown, and orange. Your home will look bathed in sunlight all throughout the year!

Use Earthy Color Palettes for home decor in 2021

Image Source

10. Headboards and Canopies

When talking about bedrooms, besides embellishing the wall behind your bed or night table with an arch, you can add a unique headboard or canopy. DIY options you can find online are limitless, and you can also look at your local flea market for a vintage piece. Resting in your bed will be much cozier and you will create a more intimate mood.

Headboards and canopies for your bedroom 2021

Image Source

Bed Canopy trends 2021

Image Source

11. Accent Wallpaper

Alongside colorful wall paint, we are seeing more and more graphic and fun wallpaper in homes in 2021. You can cover a whole wall, accent just one corner, or even go and add pattern to your ceiling. This is guaranteed to break the monotony and bring uniqueness to your interior design.

Accent Wallpaper trending in 2021

12. Mirrors & Gallery Walls

Finally, don’t leave any wall in your home undecorated, since it is pretty simple to spice it up. Find a vintage mirror that will immediately lift up the space, especially if you happen to find an artsy, golden frame. Another option to personalize your living room is to add paintings, photos, alongside some line art and macrame hangings. An important tip is not to worry about the frames matching or being perfectly aligned, after all that is the whole point of maximism!

Mirrors and gallery walls

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