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Article: Japandi Interior Design – A New Trend on Everyone's Mind

Japandi Interior Design – A New Trend on Everyone's Mind

Japandi Interior Design – A New Trend on Everyone's Mind

Have you heard about Japandi Interior Design? Trends in interior design come and go, changing every year or even every season. I bet you always wanted to be among the first people that will jump on a train of a new stylish trend. This is your chance to do so! In this article we will tell you more about an interesting interior design trend that is slowly taking off and is sure to be a big hit in the 2021 décor style. With few tips and tricks you will learn how to implement it in your own home and adjust It perfectly to your space.

What is Japandi?

You must be wondering - What is the Japandi design? Well, it is a genius attempt to connect two at first sight very different cultures – Japanese and Scandinavian. At first glance these two cultures have almost nothing in common but people have recognized their great connection when it comes to interior design.

The first thing that must pop in your mind when you think about Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics must be their simplicity, functionality and minimalism. That is exactly what it is. Next to the things they have in common, both styles brought their special secret. In Japandi design you will find the Nordic way of creating a cozy and warm atmosphere. While on the other hand the Japanese brought in their sense on finding beauty in imperfection especially when it comes to the decorative items.

What lies in the core of the Japandi design is the balance that is brought in by using neutral color palette which we will talk more about later on.

The love for the Japandi Interior Design started to slowly develop throughout 2020 and is yet to take off, making Japandi one of the most popular styles of 2021.

Japandi Living Room

Image Source

We will show you some of the ways on how to implement this style in your own home but make sure to play around and see what best fits your living space!

Let’s talk about Japandi colors and materials!

Japandi color palette is, as previously said, based on the neutral muted tones. First colors that should pop in your mind are light brown, beige, greys etc. So if you are a lover of bright and poping colors, this style might not be for you. A good side of this color scheme is that most of our homes are based on these shades to begin with. Therefore, there is a chance that you can avoid the big painting projects at your home! And if neutrals sound boring to you keep in mind that you can still express your creativity and lively personality with these wonderful shades. Or, you can simply choose a bit more muted shade of your favorite color such as red or orange. Those would also fit amazingly in this setup.

Japandi Colors & materials

Image Source

As you can see, a pop of color can easily be added trough some pillows, throw blankets or a patterned rug. By doing so you will introduce additional coziness to your new Japandi home.

Japandi Chairs and Rugs

Image Source

When playing with the neutral colors it is important not to make a mistake and creating a somewhat dull, sterile looking space. That is why you need to add contrast which can easily be done while staying in the lines of Japandi style. Actually, neutrals are amazing for doing so. You can choose between different shades of the same color or choosing some opposites. You can also decide how you want to implement those contrasts. Whether it is by having contrasting walls or simply adding some accent pieces that will break the monotony. Some patterned elements such as a rug or a furniture piece can also contribute to the color contrast needed.

Combine Light Wood & Metallic Elements

When it comes to the materials, Japandi gives you plenty of room to experiment. Start of by adding wooden elements that will bring in a warm, cabin like atmosphere to your home. Choose between different types of wood and different shades that can also help you with the creation of contrast. Next to that, Japanese design brings you glass and metal elements inspired by the industrial modern design. These elements are often connected a cold and not so inviting feeling, but not when paired with wooden pieces and warm colors. That is when these elements contribute to the core minimalistic and elegant feeling that Japandi interior design implies. That means that next to the color contrast, feel free to create contrast with materials too. Easily do so by, for example, adding wooden furniture pieces with metallic elements.

Japandi Wooden and metallic elements

Image Source

You can see how in a seemingly small space we have both glass, metal and wooden elements combined in a way to create spacious, bright but yet warm and welcoming atmosphere.

In conclusion, even though Japandi calls for neutral colors and minimalistic approach it does not mean that you will not have room to experiment with your interior. It will actually give you a chance to try pairing some materials that you wouldn’t have before.  

Your Japandi Home

Now that we have told you more about the colors and the contrast we will give you some design ideas that will help you envision this style in your home.  

Japandi Kitchen

Let’s start from the kitchen as it might just be a perfect space to combine all the materials we have previously talked about. Relying on wooden and metal elements, give you kitchen a neat and elegant look you always wanted. As the beauty of this style is expressed in minimalism, your Japandi kitchen will be extremely practical and easy to maneuver in. Without many items, focusing on the necessities you will create more space and work around your kitchen easily.

Japandi Kitchen example

Image Source

As we spend a lot of our time in this area of the house, Japandi kitchen is your chance to declutter the space and create extra space. Make sure to add some of your favorite plants or fresh seasonings as nature elements are a big part of this unique design.

Japandi Bathroom

I am sure that bathroom is the last area of your house that you would connect with elegance. But that is exactly what Japandi interior design will bring to it. Create yourself a perfect place for relaxation just by implementing some simple rules of this style. Japandi bathrooms focus on light as a main element of the area – either natural or built in. Same as the kitchen, here is where you can combine the core materials such as glass and metal elements.

Japandi Bathroom Example

Image Source

Monochromatic colors always worked so amazingly in the bathrooms, especially when combined with some lights. Don’t forget about the pop of color – do so with some plants, towels or simple decorative pieces. Japandi bathroom ides such as this one will make you think more about this living space that we tend to often disregard.

When it comes to implementing this design in your bedroom, think about the calmness and the atmosphere it would bring. This minimalistic approach will bring the Japanese Zen feel right to your home. By decluttering and focusing on key room elements you will create the extra space you always wanted. Calming Japandi color palette combined with interesting decorative elements will make sure you get to express your creativity and get rid of monotony.

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