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Article: 5 Wall Decor Ideas to Bring Together Your Living Room & Bedroom

5 Wall Decor Ideas to Bring Together Your Living Room & Bedroom

5 Wall Decor Ideas to Bring Together Your Living Room & Bedroom

When we think of wall decor we usually picture wall art in terms of paintings, photographs, and frames. But wall art can be so much more! Fabric wall art, handmade wall hangings, mirror wall decor, and macrame pieces are just some examples of unconventional wall art that can add the missing dimension, texture, and color into your home.

As fun as it is to decorate your living space to fit your taste and evoke the atmosphere you want to achieve, we often find ourselves surrounded by the same pieces available in every store that just don’t fit the picture we are trying to portray. To help you explore unique wall decor ideas we have found creative ways to fill up your empty wall space and add character to dull walls.

Importance of Texture

The key to texture is creating visual interest by putting together different materials, colors, textiles, and surfaces. Take the creative approach and try to incorporate some texture into your decor, whether a specific headpiece to standing out of the crowd or using multiple textures to add a unique feel to your room.

Don’t be afraid of mixing up different materials! Handmade fabrics and unusual art such as this Handmade Macramé Feather Wall Decor piece just may be the thing you need.

Handmade Macrame Feather Wall Decor by The Artisen

Organic materials such as this 100% cotton rope that is handmade with love into an amazing wall piece can instantly make a room feel warm and inviting without much effort.

Introducing a bohemian decor vibe to your home creates the perfect mix of different patterns, textures, and colors bringing a unique ethnic feel that can give your empty wall space character! Here is an example of a chic yet simple fabric wall art piece that will add dimension to any room.

Colorful geometric multi triangle handmade woven wall decor by The Artisen

This Multi Triangle Wall Decor is the perfect addition to a bland room ensuring a pop of color and texture while framing the space and completing the whole look.  

Bring Back Macrame Wall Decor

Macrame is a textile art form of knotting and hitching that originated in the 13th century that is now an inseparable part of bohemian art and style having a major comeback in fashion and decor.

The most common pieces involving macrame include macrame wall hangings, macrame pillows, macrame rugs, and macrame plant hangers. Differing in design, color, and texture you will be able to incorporate a touch of bohemian style into your home decor tastefully, without having it overbear the look of your living space.

If you are just now hopping onto the macrame trend and don’t want to risk it with big accent pieces - a neutral piece like this Handmade Macrame Wall decor is the perfect fit! Showing subtle details and with a carefully crafted fringe it can be placed in any room you need a little more intimate and comfortable yet stylish vibe.

Handmade neutral macrame wall decor by The Artisen

Keeping it within neutral tones but playing with different designs and patterns can make a piece stand out while tying amazingly into the feel of your own home.  This Oro Macrame Wall Décor gives off an alluring ornamental feel with its special design and radiant yellow color.

Handmade yellow macrame wall decor by The Artisen

But if you are eager to combine textures and patterns as well as look for something a bit more lively - this Shaded Wall Décor will blow your mind! Incorporating geometric shapes with a mix of indigo and neutral shades it harmonizes beautifully into any room, as an exclusive standalone pice or even tied together with similar variations of macrame and fabric designs.

Handmade Black & White Macrame Wall Decor

Explore Mirror Wall Decor

Don’t limit the use of mirrors to its practical purposes only, being able to see your own reflection isn’t the only thing this item can be used for! Decorative mirrors can be just the thing you need to accentuate your wall or complete a design wall palette you have been creating for a while. Not only will your home look more chic and alive, but mirrors can also create the illusion of more space and can be used to brighten places in your home that are lacking sunlight. Decorative mirrors can be a perfect fit to spruce up your entryway, living room, or bedroom.

With an array of different designs, sizes, and color palettes you will be able to combine a decorative mirror into your style and transform your home with just a few replacements. This Sun Spike Rattan Mirror Wall Decor is a great example of an astonishing bohemian style piece that is a mix of interesting sun-like geometrical shapes with a Cane/Rattan construction achieved using quality materials and handcrafting skills of master artisans in India. 

Mirror Wall Decor by The Artisen 

Tap into Handmade Crafts

If you are having trouble finding that perfect piece to enhance the aesthetic of your home, chances are you won’t spot it in your closest supply chain store. Mass production of decor pieces usually can’t fit the specific characteristics of your style, leaving you dissatisfied with the look of your home.

However, handmade crafts allow you to display your personality in the best way through carefully made items of different textures, fabrics, colors, and designs to fit remarkably into your home. Handmade pieces ensure that you have decor like no other in the world by giving special attention to details that can make or break the look.

There are so many options to choose from that there is not a chance you won’t find your perfect match. The best thing about handmade art is the ethical production – consciously made with love, these pieces hold a special and unique feel to them whilst being eco friendly, supporting, and respective of the craft artists.

Image Source 

Think outside the box

Try out different decorative methods and explore unconventional ways to renew the space you live in. For instance, we encourage you to try using a rug as an incredible fabric wall decor item! Hanging up your rug can add the needed texture, spice, color, and design your space has been looking for.  You can let the hanging rug such as this Sanaz Floor Rug be the statement piece of your room by bringing an intriguing and captivating design full of color.

Colorful Floor Rug you can use as Wall Art by The Artisen

But if color is not your go-to, you can always opt for neutral tones and designs that can easily be incorporated with the rest of your wall or room decor. This Routunda Jute Rug goes stunningly with any number of textile wall art such as the previously mentioned feather wall decor, or a variety of throw blankets and cushions that allow you to play with different textures, as well as mix and match a range of materials, fabrics, colors, and designs to suit your individual space and atmosphere.

Round Jute Rug you can use as Wall Decor by The Artisen

You can include a textured rug in any room such as the living room, dining room, or hallway, but we recommend hanging up a rug above your bed to amplify the pleasant and relaxing vibe of the bedroom while tying the whole look together and giving the space an interesting yet homey note.

Floor Rug you can use as wall art

Image Source

Don’t be afraid of drifting away from conditional wall decor because it definitely will make your space one of a kind!

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