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Article: 10 Boho Throw Pillows to Your Make Living Room Look Amazing

Use Boho Throw Pillows on your bed to elevate your bedroom

10 Boho Throw Pillows to Your Make Living Room Look Amazing

Modern Boho Throw pillows are an excellent way to enhance the appeal of your living room and make a statement. Adding just a few pillows can transform your living space, giving a touch of style that helps it stand out.

Here are 10 boho throw pillow designs you can use for your living room, along with helpful tips on bohemian decor.

What is Bohemian Decor?

Boho Throw Pillows

Boho or Bohemian decorating infuses homes with life, culture, and antiquity. It contradicts modern aesthetic in favor of a relaxed, carefree, and unique style. Boho-themed rooms are always eclectic but never wholly alike.

Boho was inspired by people who led unconventional lives, like actors, travelers, and writers. Bohemian style mirrors their aesthetic by combing colors, textures, and patterns from various parts of the world. So, if you're looking for a style you can truly own, boho just might be the right fit.

How to Pick the Right Bohemian Throw Pillows?

Boho Throw Pillows from The Artisen

While there aren’t any specific rules to follow when choosing and arranging your boho pillows, it helps to pick warm, natural colors, along with jewel and metallic tones. To be more specific, think greens, deep browns, and greys for base colors, then blue, purple, and orange boho throw pillows to accessorize. Mixing and layering your choices will give your room uniqueness.

Don’t hesitate to combine textures and patterns, and don’t shy away from using styles that won’t necessarily blend together in conventional settings. You can use dyed textiles and designs from across the world, like Cambodian Ikat or Central Asian Suzani. They'll give your living room an irresistible sense of fun and exoticism. Just layer your throws on top of furniture and hang tapestries and area rugs on the walls beside your photos and art pieces.

The 10 Best Boho Throw Pillows

Tufted Bohemian Throw Pillows

Tufted Boho Throw Pillow by The Artisen


Mia Pom Pom Cushion, Natural Offwhite - 17x17 inch

Tufted throw pillows give your indoor space an uplifting ambiance with a hand-crafted touch. The tufting adds complexity to the otherwise flat cushion surface, and it elevates the otherwise flat cushion surfaces into unique design elements. They're usually both textured and tasseled. So, even if they're in a single color, the details really give a sense of bohemian culture. Whether or not you're going for an utterly bohemian look, this throw pillow will look great anywhere you put it.

Check out The Artisen's Tufted Throw Pillows and Throw Blankets

Macramé Boho Throw Pillows

White & Pink Macrame Boho Throw Pillow

Nuuk Cushion - 20x20 inch

Macramé is the perfect example of how texture, not just color, can significantly impact your living room aesthetic. As the name suggests, macramé pillows are made from macramé fabric. It is a textile made through knotting instead of knitting and weaving techniques.

The primary knots used in macramé fabrics are the square (or reef knots) and various half hitches. It was initially developed by sailors to cover anything from bottles to knife handles and parts of ships.

Macramé throw pillows are good for couches (or bedspreads if you'd rather have them in your bedroom). Though they are primarily bohemian, macramé throw pillows will complement various decor styles, including country, vintage, and rustic, to name a few.

Check out The Artisen's Macrame Throw Pillows and Wall Decor.

Mandala Bohemian Throw Pillows

Mandala Boho Throw Pillow

Image source: Adore India

Mandala is a geometric arrangement of symbols, and its often used in spiritual traditions as a map representing deities or aid to trance induction and meditation. People who purchase mandala decor items have a general understanding of what they are and what they mean. Many often assume it is part of hippie culture, but it goes deeper than that. Mandala is classic bohemian imagery, so it makes perfect sense to lighten up your living room with a throw pillow covered in its timeless design.

Mandala pillows look great in floral patterns, with colors ranging from cool purples to warm golds. If you're into beauty, uniqueness, and symbolism, you should definitely give them a try.

Monochrome Boho Throw Pillows

White Monochrome Boho Throw Pillow

Diagonal Chindi Cushion -16x24 inch

Black and white boho throw pillows come in various shapes, sizes, and designs ranging from subtle to bold and geometric.

The unique dying procedure used to add designs to the fabric ensures a vivid, long-lasting result, so you don’t need to worry that they will lose their appeal over time.

Colorful Geometric Boho Throw Pillows

Desert Kilim Geometric Throw Pillows

Desert Kilim Geometric Pillow, Blush 20x20 inch

Geometric prints invoke the traditional spirit of bohemian chic: vivid colors, texture, and geometric pattern. If you’re looking for colorful boho throw pillows, they’re probably the best choice.

Geometric decor works with just about any color. Using bright, cheerful colors like yellows, reds, oranges, and purples will create a fun and model feel. However, this means the pillows will likely take center stage in your living room.

Pro Tip:  if you're into geometric prints, remember not to overdo it. Filling your living room with these bold designs can be overwhelming, even if it's just on your pillows. The patterns may even make your guests feel dizzy. Consequently, you need to be careful not to overwhelm your room by incorporating other bold elements.  it helps to use dusky pinks or blues if you want to create a fair and elegant, and subdued look

Check out The Artisen's range of Geometric Throw Pillows and Rugs!

Graphic Bohemian Throw Pillows

Graphic Boho Throw Pillow

Image source:

Boho style isn’t limited strictly to mandalas and bold, geometric designs like those covered so far on this list. Illustrations of flowers and beautiful typography have a place in boho-inspired design. The gently subdued colors of a beautifully illustrated pillow aren’t just great for Bohemian aesthetic. They'll look fantastic in any living room that has a rustic or country-themed space.

Embroidered Boho Throw Pillows

Embroidered Boho Throw Pillow

Embroidery is the art of embelishing fabrics and other materials with thread or yarn. It may also involve the use of quills, beads, pearls, and sequins. Embroidered boho throw pillows usually feature unique, exciting designs. They are also colorful and fun to touch. You may use them to highlight important living room corner armchairs, provide contrast, or even make your living room brighter.

Check out The Artisen's Embroidered Throw Pillows

Braided Jute Boho Throw Pillows

Braided Jute Boho Throw Pillows

Image source: mercari

Jute has a perfectly imperfect texture that will instantly give your living room an earthy bohemian feel. It's the same stuff used to create burlap, and it grows in glossy green stalks that are soaked, stripped, processed, and spun before weaving. This procedure gives jute a natural brown hue, but it can be dyed in various colors.

Since jute fibers are taken from the plant's stalk instead of its leaves, they are remarkably soft. In fact, they're often mistaken for wool.

Ethnic Designs

Ethnic Boho Throw Pillow

Aisha Cushion 18x18 inch

If you want your living room to really make a statement, try decorating it with ethnic throw pillows. This style comes from a mixture of ethnic influences originating from all over the world, mainly from Arica and native America. Tribal pillows feature warm natural palates like rich browns and sandy yellows, combined with whites and blacks to achieve a unique natural look.

You may enhance your pillows' ethnic vibe with organic decor items like pouf ottomans, rattan wall mirrors, and baskets made from leather, natural jute, and wicker.

Faux Fur Textured Throw Pillows

Faux Fur Textured Throw Pillows

Image source: Pinterest

Faux pillows are irresistibly beautiful and soft. Their fuzzy appeal adds a touch of sophistication to your bohemian aesthetic, and it will easily add a dash of glamour to your living room.

Other ways to give your Living Room a Bohemian Look

Decorative Materials

Besides the pillows, the best way to add flair to your living room is to mix and match your items. You may combine simple organic materials like sisal and burlap with chenille and silk. The materials should have a slightly worn appearance. they shouldn’t be damaged, but shouldn’t be new and shiny either.

Lighting and Accessories

Soft, ambient lighting will unify your living room and give it a come and welcoming feel. Instead of buying overhead fixtures, decorate your home with multiple candles, lanterns, table and floor lamps. Lights come in various shades, shapes, and sizes these days, so it should be easy to find something that fits your unique taste.


Embracing the natural world is a crucial part of the Boho style, so bring your room to life with hanging plants and ferns. They won’t only make the space more vibrant but also improve its overall air quality. Peace lilies and Philodendron are highly adaptable and will survive a variety of temperatures and light levels. You may also consider succulents, which come in a range of textures and colors.


You may also enhance your living room with handmade items, family heirlooms, and keepsakes from your travels. The articles should be personal, so use what you love' vintage bottles, tapestries, even mismatched china.

Pro Tip: Although the bohemian style is often eclectic, it can also be chic and glamorous, so don’t avoid ornate chandeliers or chunky gold mirrors if you have them around.

Vintage furniture

You won’t find bohemian furniture in a store. If you want to give your home an authentic bohemian feel, you'll need to fill it with old furniture. Vintage and second-hand items will work really well here. Each article should be unique and tell a story. Take your time exploring local vintage markets and choose each piece yourself. If you like it, it will fit right in with all the other decorative items you've acquired.

Your living room should give visitors a "sit-back-and-relax feeling." for this reason, stay away from straight-backed and streamlined furniture. Look for comfy, relaxed furniture items like daybeds, chaises, and butterfly chairs.

Bohemian décor may seem complicated, but it really isn’t. With the tips shared in this article, you have all you need to give your living room an exciting bohemian makeover.

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