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Article: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Boho Throw Blanket

Boho Throw blanket on a chair

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Boho Throw Blanket

If you feel your living room is lacking an inviting and cozy atmosphere, you can easily transform it by incorporating a boho throw blanket. Introduce some color and spruce up the place by simply adding a textured bohemian-style blanket to any piece of furniture. Made out of a variety of materials, from cotton to wool, boho blankets combine a textured look and often come in a variety of vibrant colors and designs.  

The biggest perk is that these accent pieces transform the room in a flash, even when just casually tossed over the couch, sofa, or chair. Look for chunky knits with pom-poms if you want a more playful look and a bold statement to break the monotony. In case you are more a fan of a minimalist boho look, you can always find a nice, soft and neutral beige or grey blanket to curl up under. These versatile statement pieces that come in a myriad of colors can be displayed on a piece of furniture or even used as a decorative rug. Delivering for style as well as comfort, they are perfect during winter and allow you to curl up to your favorite book and stay as snug as a bug.

How To Choose The Right Color Palette

Throw blankets are the best way to get additional colors that will complement the overall atmosphere of your rooms. But it is also very important to choose a perfect color palette and design that best suits your already established interior design. 

Colorful Boho Throw Blankets

Colorful throw blankets with a creative design are always the right decision! A mix of vibrant color scheme will add an additional pop of creativity to your interior decoration. Added to even the simplest of furniture it will enhance the beauty of every piece it is paired with. Break the monotonous vibe by introducing powerful colors and breathe new life into any home space.

Sarape Beach Throw Blanket

Check out this colorful piece and follow up on the most current trends!

Black & White Boho Throw Blankets

If you are simply not a fan of big bright colors or they do not suit the atmosphere of your living space black boho throw blankets will be a perfect addition to an overall bright and white minimalistic room as they will add contrast and depth to your design while delivering a subtle touch of elegance. Excellently paired with modern interior, industrial metal pieces, glass furniture, and overall minimalistic decor.

Black & White Boho Throw Blanket

This black and white combination would be a perfect addition for your home.

Neutral Boho Throw Blankets

Neutral colored blankets are famous for their versatility and the fact that they can be easily color-coordinated with almost every palette. By choosing gray, cream, or white boho throw blankets you will not have to worry about how to incorporate them into any space. The neutrals allow you to mix and match with other statement pieces and various different colors representing a perfect base for other decorating projects you have.

Neutral Boho Throw Blanket

 This one might be perfect for you!

Yellow or Coral Boho Throw Blankets 

If you wish to add some warm colors and create a cozy and homely touch to your living area burnt-orange, yellow or coral boho throw blankets are a perfect choice! Paired with wooden pieces of furniture and decoration it will create a rustic but yet lively atmosphere inviting you to snuggle up and enjoy your afternoons.

Yellow or Coral Boho Throw Blankets

This combination of warm colors will certainly fit your homely and cozy atmosphere.

How To Accent Your Furniture with Throw Blankets

The beauty and convenience of throw blankets are that it a can be effortlessly paired with your furniture and decoration pieces. The possibilities for incorporating them in your design are practically endless. By matching it up with your other favorite pieces such as pillows you will add additional texture and uniqueness to your home. If you still do not have your favorite boho throw pillow you can see our versatility collection here. You will certainly find a perfect match for your blanket of choice. So what are some of the ways to get most of this unique piece?

Use Boho Throw Blankets to Liven up Your Sofa

There are a lot of ways to add comfiness to your sofa as it is a perfect piece of furniture to pair your blanket with.

You can simply throw it in the corner of your sofa letting it drape on the seat. Even though effortless-looking, it will play a big role in creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Next to that, it will create texture and with the right choice of color, it will emphasize the beauty of your interior. Pair it up with some pillows, grab a cup of your favorite tea, and enjoy your new favorite nook in the house.

Throw Blankets used on sofas

Image source

Next to that you can fold it nicely and layer it on your sofa while letting the borrow of it flow. This is a neater look that still has the same impact on the overall vibe of the room.

Throw Blanket used on a sofa edge

Image source

You can also fold it up and place it on the sofa’s armrest. By doing so it will not take up much space but still be vividly displayed therefore achieving the same results by adding a special touch to your room.

Throw Blanket used on a sofa armrest

Image source

Use Boho Throw Blankets on your Bed

Your new boho throw blanket will be your favorite way to snuggle up in bed and enjoy your evenings. But when wondering how and where to place it in the mornings there can be multiple options to do so - each one creating a different vibe and overall design atmosphere.

When making your bed you can choose to simply fold it vertically and place it at the bottom of your bed creating a neat line therefore adding dimension and texture to your covers.

Boho Throw Blankets used on a bed in a bright room

Image source

Next to that, you can simply use it to cover your whole bed, adding a spice of color and unique design to your sleeping area.

Boho throw blankets used on a bed

Image source

Simply throw it up with your favorite boho throw pillows to create a unique, creative, and inviting atmosphere. Express your creativity by matching the colors, textures, and designs with this easy-to-do technique that will definitely be an eye-catcher.

Boho Throw blankets & pillows used on a small bed

Image Source

Combine With Other Decorative Pieces

Simply roll your blankets up and place them in your favorite basket and pop them up when needed. This will keep everything nice and neat while creating an interesting piece of decoration and also inviting everyone to snuggle up on your sofa.

Roll up boho throw blankets and put them in a basket

Image Source

Next to that, you can simply place them on your shelves creating the same effect of the blankets still being on display and adding a dose of color to your living area.

Boho Throw Blankets in a rack

Image Source

Do you happen to have a stool or an ottoman? A boho throw blanket will be a great addition to this piece of furniture making it become a central creative piece of your room.

Throw Blankets on an Ottoman

Image source

Not Just A Couch Blanket! 

What makes boho throw blankets a must-have is also the versatility regarding the situations and scenery where they come in handy.

Dream Date Night

Besides embellishing your living space for every day, you can create an inviting, cozy atmosphere for a perfect date night. Just imagine holding a delicious hot beverage, while streaming a good movie and your loved one curled up next to you under the blanket.  

Great For Road Trips

Feel free to use the blanket outside the house as well. Don’t forget to bring your road trip buddy with you on your next travel or long commute for a much more cozy and enjoyable experience.

For Camping Enthusiasts 

Whether you find yourself camping in a forest or having yoga on the beach, you will certainly find this decorative, yet practical boho blanket handy. Besides providing you with extra warmth on a crisp day, it allows you to lay back and enjoy a pleasant view of the open sky.  

Sun & Sand Friendly

 Don’t forget to include the throw blanket into your must-haves for the beach, so you can soak up some sun and have a nice, laid-back day by the sea. Our  Sarape Beach Throw might just be what you’re looking for!


 A fun photoshoot with friends sounds delightful? In that case, the next time you decide to go on a picnic, you can easily achieve a unique cottage core aesthetic with this staple piece so make sure you have it with you.  

Chill To Your Favorite Sounds

Outdoor concerts and festivals include a lot of dancing and overall activity, it can get pretty exhausting so when you need a quick resting spot to regain your strength, just pull out your cozy throw blanket.

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