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Article: How to Style with a Throw Blanket | The Artisen

How to Style with a Throw Blanket | The Artisen

How to Style with a Throw Blanket | The Artisen

For the better part of the year, most of us need something cozy at hand to keep us nice & warm. Whether you’re taking a nap on the couch, enjoying your favorite TV show, or reading through the pages of an exciting book, it is useful to have a soft throw blanket near for a completely pleasant experience. Keeping you warm in unexpectedly brisk temperatures is just one of many benefits of throw blankets, but what makes them an absolute must have is the power to elevate the interior decor effortlessly and instantly.

But firstly, some of you might be asking yourself - What is a throw blanket anyway? How is it different from my regular blanket?

The Artisen's Range of Throw Blankets

Here’s What you Need to Know About Throw Blankets

Well, contrary to regular blankets that only provide you with warmth when you are cold, throws have a more decorative function. Throws come in smaller sizes, usually just enough to cover your body while relaxing on the couch or sofa, unlike blankets that often come in larger sizes. What also makes a distinction between the two is material. Blankets tend to be made of large single pieces of fabric such as wool or flannel, again their sole purpose is to keep you toasty. On the other hand, you can find a large variety of materials used to make throws, which does not mean they come less soft! Take a glance at this cotton, pink and white throw blanket, doesn’t it look fluffy? Everyone can find a perfect throw for their home!

Finally, the biggest difference as well as perk of throw blankets is that you can basically just lay it on top of a piece of furniture and instantly upgrade your home decor. Pairing up throw blankets on your couch with other decorative pieces such as pillows (remember - the more the merrier) you can achieve a unique and welcoming atmosphere in your living room. Coming in a variety of patterns and designs, it is good to invest in a couple of different-style throws so you have one for any occasion!

How do I Fold & Drape my Throw Blankets?

Even though the name suggests you just throw the throw blanket to accent your furniture, it might take a bit more effort and knowing a couple of tricks to get it just right. So here are some ways you can elevate the decor in your living room, by learning how to fold a throw blanket! 

The Classic Couch Throw

In order to master the art of styling a throw, here is a classic look you can start with. Take a throw blanket for your couch, fold it in half, you don’t have to be too neat, and place it over the back of the couch. Throws usually have some type of tassels or extra fabric at the corners so make sure you display that and create ripples for a more lived-in ambiance.

Draping a throw blanket over a couch

An Over-the-arm Drape 

This is another rather casual look for your living room, but this one is for your armchair and any kind will do. You begin by folding the throw blanket in half along its entire length. Then, drape this folded throw blanket over the arm of the chair so that part of the throw blanket falls to the exterior of the arm. The remaining throw blanket should cover the portion of the seat that’s attached to the arm and hang below it. This is a great way to introduce some color and texture to a vintage armchair and accent the silhouette of the piece.

Draping a throw blanket over the arm of a chair or couch

The Orderly Arm Drape

If you prefer a more tidy look instead of the lived-in vibe, you should fold the throw blanket neatly and place it over the arm of the couch or other piece of furniture. Unlike the causal styles above, here, you don’t need the drape to fall below the seat or play around with the flow of the throw blanket.

draping a throw blanket neatly over a chair or couch

The Midline Drape

This kind of also drape gives a formal look and therefore, should be done very neatly. Whether or not you need to fold the throw blanket in half depends on the width of the sofa and the drape. Place the drape neatly at the center of the backrest of the sofa, and let it extend down to the seat till the ground. Make sure there are no folds on the drape! You can also throw in an accent cushion or a throw cushion on it to enhance its look.

draping a throw blanket across the middle of a couch

Casual Asymmetrical Drape 

One more lazy drape! It is as easy as ABC, fold the throw in half vertically and lay it over the back of the couch, but this time do it at an angle and let it drape all the way to the bottom. Don’t forget to create some ripples on the top layer!

drape your throw blanket asymmetricaly across a couch

Over the Top Chair Drape

Simply fold the throw as many times as you need depending on the size so that you end up with a rectangle piece that you can place on the back of the chair. Just make sure the rectangle is not too small or tight, because it will keep falling off the chair, and we still want it to flow down and accent the furniture piece.

throw blanket draped over the top of your chair

The Perfect Bed Drape

As we previously mentioned, throws are not a part of your bedding, but they will most certainly create a more cozy and inviting atmosphere. Perfect for when you are having guests over and you want them to feel the welcoming ambiance, lay the throw at the bottom of your bed and let it drape on one corner. Use the throw for layering on top of your bed, pair it up with pillows and you won’t be disappointed with the results!

throw blanket draped on your bed

To conclude this part, here are a few more general tips you should consider. Whether you prefer to drape the throw on the back of the couch or chair, or if you like more how it looks on the armrest it is very important that the material flows and still provides a certain effortless look. We don’t want the throw looking like it doesn’t belong there, but rather to naturally fit in the whole scene.

Another remark is that you should check what materials, texture, and color scheme best suits the interior design you wish to achieve. If you’re a fan of neutrals but want to spice the room up with an eyecatching pattern you should check out this black&white throw. On the other hand, if you want a subtle splash of color and a little texture as well, this pastel throw with asymmetrical fringes might just be perfect for your living room! Are fringes not enough? What about whimsical pom-poms?

One more thing worth the mention, if you need a solution for storing throws when you don’t want them displayed, you should definitely check out some wicker baskets and hampers. They are the perfect combination of stylish and functional! 

The Artisen's Range of Throw Blankets

The Last Stop - Maintenance

Before becoming the ultimate pro a styling throws, you should learn something about keeping your favorite decorative piece in perfect condition. First of all, don’t make the rookie mistake and forget that your decorative throw needs a good cleaning every once in a while, especially if you have a pet or enjoy a nice snack cuddled up to your favorite show.

So what do you do if you end up spilling something on your favorite throw blanket?

Worry not, you can without much effort, clean the spots on your blanket. Simply use blemish and spot removing products for a quick clean.

You should always check if the tag on the item says it is dry-cleaning only and in that case, the best solution is always to take it to the dry cleaners and avoid making an awful mistake yourself that will cost you your favorite throw.

Nonetheless, if that is inconvenient for you here’s how you can wash a throw blanket:

The first option is to try handwashing it with cold water and a small amount of detergent.

Also depending on the materials, some throws can withstand washing in the machine. What you need to make sure to do is to wash it alone, without any other items in the washing machine. And to use short extremely delicate cycle programs when doing so.

Too much detergent can affect the material as well as too aggressive washing cycles so make sure to treat your blanket with great care. It is best if you completely avoid fabric softener and bleach.

When it comes to drying, it is advisable to stay away from drying machines. Simply let your throw blanket air dry in order to avoid any damage to the material or texture.

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